Plane Talk with Dominic LeBlanc: On following in his father’s footsteps

Click to play video: 'Plane Talk with Dominic LeBlanc: on following in his father’s footsteps' Plane Talk with Dominic LeBlanc: on following in his father’s footsteps
Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc's father Romeo was fisheries and oceans minister under Pierre Trudeau. Now LeBlanc has the same job under the another Trudeau. – Jun 19, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lays claim to the best known father-son story on Parliament Hill, but there’s another, very similar story unfolding for one of his most trusted advisors.

Cabinet minister and government House leader Dominic LeBlanc is also following in the footsteps of his dad, Romeo LeBlanc, who served in the cabinet of Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the 1970s.

There’s now even more symmetry to the Trudeau-LeBlanc generations as Dominic takes on the portfolio his father created and held for many years: that of fisheries and oceans minister.

“My dad saw politics as a chance to really try and look out for people who often don’t have somebody standing up for them,” said LeBlanc in the latest edition of Plane Talk with Tom Clark.

“If I can speak for some of these people and some of these communities in the House of Commons and in the cabinet, and hopefully encourage the government to make decisions that improve the lives of these people, then I’ve done something positive.”

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Asked under which circumstances he might lie, LeBlanc confessed that it usually happens when his wife checks on his diet.

“The one question where the answer might not entirely be accurate is, ‘Oh were you careful with what you ate? You didn’t have pizza at 10:30 with (immigration minister) John McCallum surely? Why did you go to a Chinese buffet?'” he said, chuckling.

“Like, all those—no, no I didn’t go to a Chinese buffet. What are you talking about? I had sushi.”

The House leader, who is originally from New Brunswick, said the last few months have been a whirlwind of late-night pizza and major policy announcements.

“We were sworn in on that day in early November, which I think will be marked in the imaginations of anybody who was lucky enough to be at Rideau Hall that day. And it’s been a fantastic experience.”

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