Jazz Festival kicks off in Winnipeg

Dirty Catfish Brass Band previews Jazz Festival

WINNIPEG – Get your dancing shoes ready because Jazz Festival starts in Winnipeg this weekend.

For the next 11 days you can hear artists from across North America who will be performing around Old Market Square.

The first four days are free for anyone who wants to join the dance party. Bands such as The Noble Theifs, Mariachi Ghost, Trio Bembe, Papa Mambo, The Vikings and The Dirty Catfish Brass Band will be performing at the cube downtown.

“We’ve got different themes each and every night and then on Monday we start to move into the theatres and clubs,” said the festival’s executive director Paul Nolin.

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“That’s when you start to see a lot more of the touring artists coming in from out of town.”

After this weekend you can buy tickets for performances at the Kings Head, Rachel Brown Theatre, Cinematheque the West End Cultural Centre and Burton Cummings Theatre.

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“It’s super exciting to have touring artists come through and get to know the great artists we have locally, I’ve seen a lot of them connect just hanging out at different venues,” Nolin said.

Winnipeg’s Jazz Festival wraps up on Sunday June 26.