June 16, 2016 11:22 am

Howard Stern goes on pro-gun rant: ‘We are sheep,’ we need firearms

Howard Stern arrives at the 'America's Got Talent' Season 10 Red Carpet Event at New Jersey Performing Arts Center on March 2, 2015.

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** NOTE: The audio recording below contains foul language and potentially offensive discussion **

Radio host Howard Stern has spoken out — using strong language and analogies — against gun control after the horrific massacre in Orlando that left 50 people dead.

On his SiriusXM radio show Wednesday, Stern made it very clear that he’s pro-gun, at least in terms of protecting the average citizen, whom he calls “sheep.” The acerbic radio host calls terrorists “wolves,” and insists if they have firearms, then average folks need them too, to protect themselves.

“I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down, but I can’t believe these people who come out afterwards and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public,” Stern said. “It’s f**king mind-blowing to me.”

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“The military — and they don’t mean it in a derogatory way — but they look at the public as sheep,” he continued. “And we are sheep. Most of us sit around all day and we don’t know how to defend ourselves. We basically think everything’s OK.”

Stern took it to the next level by hypothetically asking what would have happened if Anne Frank’s father had a gun (Frank, of course, was a young Jewish girl who, along with her family, tried to hide from Nazi persecution during WWII).

“Can you imagine if the Jews… had a couple of pistols and AR-15s to fight the Nazis?” Stern posed. “If Anne Frank’s father had a f**king gun? Maybe at least he could’ve taken a few Nazis out.”

He then refers to another difficult period in American history: 9/11. Again, Stern insists if there were armed guards on the 9/11 planes, things would have turned out very differently.

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“The most gun-free zone on the planet is a plane,” he said. “On 9/11, what did the wolves do? They said, ‘This is great. We’ll just kill the sheep with boxcutters.’ So they went on the plane with boxcutters and all the sheep went, ‘Baaaa!’ The wolves are always planning. They’ll use boxcutters. They’ll use an airplane fly it right into a building. They don’t need AR-15s.”

You can listen to the audio in the video, above. The gun-control portion of the segment is right at the beginning.

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