Regina’s new wastewater treatment plant 90% complete

Regina's new wastewater treatment plant is now nearly finished. Adrian Raaber / Global News

Regina’s new wastewater treatment plant is now nearly finished.

The plant is in its final stages of construction, according to the city and EPCOR officials.

EPCOR has recently started running wastewater through the new components, and is building the biological mechanisms used as part of the treatment process to prepare the plant for commissioning later this year.

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The biological treatment process will enhance the quality of the effluent released to Wascana Creek. The upgrade will also provide lagoon storage of excess water flowing towards the plant during wet weather events.

“The changes we are making mean this plant will look and function in a fundamentally different way,” Mayor Michael Fougere said.

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“While some very complicated work is still ahead, I am absolutely thrilled that we are making such good progress on a more environmentally-sound process while still saving taxpayers $248 million over 30 years.”

Upgrades at the plant will allow the city to accommodate community growth, improve water quality and address the provincial effluent requirements that will take effect on January 1, 2017.

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