Recipe: Smoky Mushroom Burger

Click to play video 'Executive Chef Jean Paul Guerin’s Smokey Mushroom Burger' Executive Chef Jean Paul Guerin’s Smokey Mushroom Burger

Rocky Mountaineer Executive Chef Jean Pierre Guerin makes a mouthwatering smoky mushroom burger


2 lbs Angus beef lean brisket ground
1/2 oz mesquite seasoning
2 large eggs
1/4 oz salt
1/4 oz black pepper coarse ground
1 oz rice flour
2 oz finely chopped white onions
1/4 oz fresh chopped Italian parsley


1. Chop onions and assemble all ingredients
2. Proceed to mix all ingredients together and mix well until burger mixture becomes sticky to the touch
3. Proceed to form patties by hand to the desired size and keep in fridge until ready to cook
4. Prepare your condiments
5. Sliced Portobello mushrooms and sauté until cooked, season with salt and pepper and keep warm
6. Slice red peppers and sweet onions and sauté until soft, season And deglaze with apple vinegar, keep warm until ready to use
7. Slice the smoked cheddar and keep in fridge until ready to use
8. Proceed to sear the burger patties on the grill and finish off in a hot oven for best results, place sliced smoked cheese on top of each patties.
9. Start assembling the burger using a high quality warmed bun such as a pretzel bun, layering the patties with the red pepper relish, the sliced mushrooms ketchup and hot mustard if desired.
10. Serve immediately with your favourite coleslaw or green salad as side garnish