Not so sweet: Swarm of passing honeybees takes rest on tractor-trailer

Click to play video: 'Swarm of bees sticks to cab of tractor-trailer in Mississauga' Swarm of bees sticks to cab of tractor-trailer in Mississauga
WATCH ABOVE: A tractor-trailer in Mississauga had its cab covered in bees after a passing swarm moving nests decided to rest on the vehicle – May 29, 2016

A tractor-trailer in Mississauga took on an unexpected load when a swarm of passing honeybees stuck themselves to its cab.

Peel Regional Police said the big rig was parked when the bees moved in Sunday afternoon, covering the cab’s bumper and part of its windshield.

The mess occurred when the bees were moving nests and the buzzing throng was so full of honey they needed a place to rest — settling on the vehicle.

Police have called in a beekeeper to handle the sticky situation.

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