Glenmore landfill charging for mattresses

Glenmore landfill charging for mattresses - image

KELOWNA — The Glenmore Landfill will be recycling mattresses beginning June 1.

While the landfill has always accepted mattresses, this is a new program to break-down and recycle various parts of these items. Beginning on June 1, residents disposing of a mattress or mattresses will be directed to a specific location at the landfill and charged a handling fee of $12.50 per mattress to cover the cost of processing.

“A mattress takes up a significant amount of air space, no matter how much compression is applied, and there is extra work involved to ensure these items are appropriately managed in the landfill,” says Ken Muller, Landfill Supervisor. “By breaking apart the mattresses and recycling what we can, these items will take up less space, which helps to prolong the life of the landfill.”

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