‘You’re the bravest little girl I’ve ever known’: Daughter receives letters from mom 23 years after death

Click to play video: 'Daughter receives letters from mom 23 years after death' Daughter receives letters from mom 23 years after death
WATCH: Amanda Lemmond received letters from her mother, who died of bone cancer, two decades later. – May 23, 2016

A mother who knew she wouldn’t always be there physically wrote letters of guidance and love to her daughter before dying of bone cancer. What she didn’t know is that her letters would take 23 years to reach her.

Two decades later, Amanda Lemmond received the old letters from her mother Barbara Jane Hyatt over the weekend at her home in Colorado.

“You have a special little light that glows like a star. Don’t ever let it go out baby,” one of the hand-written letters reads.

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On Saturday, Lemmond received a package in the mail from the executor of her mother’s estate.

The executor recently moved and came across boxes belonging to Lemmond’s mother. Inside were letters, photos and mementoes from Lemmond’s childhood – even her original birth certificate.

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For the longest time, Lemmond said she didn’t have much of her mother to hold onto.

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“Dear Amanda, you know I really miss you and not being able to get up with you every day,” Lemmond said, reading the letter aloud. “Well honey, try to keep smiling and be brave.”

Lemmond never knew the letters existed. They were written by her mother just a month before she died. “It’s a connection to her that I never thought I’d have again.”

Lemmond said she hopes to digitize the letters and put the original copies in a scrapbook that she’ll be able to share with her family.

“They’re messages of love and hope and inspiration,” Lemmond said.

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