North Vancouver kids set up lemonade stand to help Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees

A group of North Vancouver kids set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees.

Tiffany Haziza and her family were watching footage of the wildfires in Fort McMurray and felt they had to do something.

“The children had the idea of a lemonade stand,” she said.

The idea took on an extra sense of urgency when Haziza learned that a close friend and her husband lost their home to the wildfire ravaging Fort McMurray.

“It really hits home…when somebody you love is without,” she said.

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Haziza’s kids and some of their friends set up a lemonade stand in their North Vancouver neighbourhood Saturday with funds going to help the couple, who are currently in Edmonton and plan to make their way back to B.C.

Haziza says the response from the neighbourhood has been overwhelming.

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“They’re so grateful because everybody wants to do something and they don’t know how,” she said.

“Everyone thinks that the Red Cross is taking care of it, or the SPCA is taking care of the animals, but really they want to be able to give directly and know that it’s going someplace specific. I guess we’re providing that for them.”

Haziza’s children aren’t alone in their generosity. In Toronto, a five-year-old boy ran a lemonade stand that brought in more than $2,500 in donations to the Red Cross.

Evacuees are asked to confirm their registration with the Red Cross by 11:59 p.m. Monday.

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