Wall urges Canadians to support local beef producers, not Earls restaurants

File / Global News

SWIFT CURRENT – Premier Brad Wall didn’t mince words when speaking about the Earls restaurant chain’s decision to source their beef from American producers in Kansas.

The chain announced on April 26 that it would become the first chain in North America to only serve “Certified Humane” beef, meaning beef raised without antibiotics, steroids or added hormones.

“Certified Humane” beef also adheres to standards on availability of food and water, conditions of pens, air quality and the transportation of the animals.

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Premier Wall said he hopes Canadian consumers see through what he calls a “marketing tactic.”

“Canadian beef practices are the best in the world in terms of [food] safety and I just want to encourage Saskatchewan people, perhaps, to send a message to these and other restaurants that are confusing science and marketing gimmicks.”
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Wall also hinted that his government will look at ways to debunk myths surrounding beef production in Canada and the use of GMO’s.

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