Rona Ambrose stands firm, not running for Tory leadership: spokesman

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OTTAWA – Thanks, but no thanks — that’s interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose’s reaction to a new campaign seeking to allow her to run for permanent leadership of the party.

A small group of Tory MPs has launched a drive to open the party’s constitution and change the rules that currently preclude interim leaders from running for the top job.

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The move caught many others in caucus off guard, but one of the campaign’s organizers says that was a deliberate choice, as Ambrose did not ask for the changes and they didn’t want people to think she was behind it.

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Two leadership contenders are speaking out against the idea, saying the rules need to be respected and for Ambrose to change her mind would damage her integrity.

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But other MPs say Ambrose has excelled as interim leader and the party should capitalize on her efforts.

Her spokesman says while Ambrose appreciates that, her decision not to seek the position was made when she chose to run for interim leadership and it won’t change.