Manitoba RCMP warn of hundreds of bottles of bootlegged booze stolen from new distillery

45 to 60 cases of this vodka were stolen. If someone tries to sell them to you, call the RCMP. Manitoba RCMP Twitter / @rcmpmb

Manitoba RCMP took to its Twitter account to warn the public not to buy stolen vodka.

According to the police service’s tweets, 45 to 60 cases of the “unique” vodka were stolen from a business in the Rural Municipality of Springfield.¬†According to the picture each case has 12 bottles.

Vodka 204, made by the White Moose Distillery, has a unique label with a Blue Moose above the name Vodka 204 printed on the bottle.

If anyone is approached about buying some of this vodka on the street they’re asked to contact Oakbank RCMP at 1-204-444-3847.

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