‘Just shock’: Idaho family welcomes first baby girl in 101 years

‘Just shock’: Idaho family welcomes first baby girl in 101 years
WATCH: It took several days to set in for the family, who's had a long history of having boys.

An Idaho family is celebrating the birth of the first girl in the family in over 100 years. Ashton and Scott Underdahl are the proud parents of Auerelia, an eight-pound, three-ounce girl, born on April 12.

The family has a long history of delivering boys but after 101-years, Auerelia broke that streak.

Auerelia’s mother knew there were a lot of boys on her husband’s side of the family.

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But when her father-in-law started doing a little research, they were all surprised at just how long it had been since there was a baby girl.

“Just shock. It took several days for it to set in for him. He was just like … really? Really, are you sure?” Ashton told NBC.

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“He kept thinking even in the delivery room, ‘what if they make a mistake and it’s a boy all along?’”

A girl had not been born into the Underdahl family since 1914.

Although the family got something they did not expect this year, they said they couldn’t be happier.