Melissa McCarthy will return to ‘Gilmore Girls’ after all

Actress Melissa McCarthy attends the Los Angeles Premiere of 'The Boss' in Westwood, California, on March 28, 2016. Getty Images

After months of speculation, Melissa McCarthy has announced she will star in the reboot of Gilmore Girls as Sookie.

In January, when Netflix first announced that it was bringing back the mother/daughter dramedy, the casting of Lorelai’s best friend was in question.

Some said McCarthy was too famous, though the actress herself took to Twitter in early February to say no one asked her or Sookie to be part of the revival.

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Much to the delight of fans, though, The Boss star revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday that she will be joining the cast.

“Literally about an hour and half ago we figured out that I’m gonna go back and do it and I am so excited. And they are gonna be amazing,” McCarthy said.

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“Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator) is going to squeeze me in to do it and I’m very happy to go back to Stars Hollow. I’m just really excited about that. So it just happened and I got asked a lot about it, and as of not even two hours ago, it’s happening.”

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Gilmore Girls follows the lives of single mother, Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore, living in a fictional town of Star Hollows in Connecticut. Melissa McCarthy’s character named Sookie St. James is a chef.

Netflix will be splitting the Gilmore Girls revival into four 90-minute movies instead of a 22-episode season. Each movie will be set in a different season of the year. The revival still has no official release date.


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