Breakfast Buzz: What type of milk do you prefer?

Click to play video: 'Full-fat milk could reduce risk of diabetes: study' Full-fat milk could reduce risk of diabetes: study
WATCH ABOVE: Skim milk many not be better for you than whole-fat dairy after all. New research suggests full-fat products can lower risk of diabetes and obesity – Apr 6, 2016

SASKATOON – For years, low-fat or skim milk has been touted as the healthier option. However, new research suggests high-fat dairy might be worth the extra calorie and fat content.

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A 15-year study involving more than 3,000 adults found full-fat dairy can reduce your risk of developing diabetes by 46 per cent on average. It has also been linked to lower obesity risks.

Scientist aren’t sure yet as to why the higher calorie and fat milk is better for you, however one theory is that low-dairy options don’t fill you up, so you’ll likely eat more. Also, there is more sugar in low-fat milk.

This got the Morning News team curious, what type of milk do you drink? It seems like milk is a highly personal choice, and depends on what you drank growing up.

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