Patricia Kozicka

National Online Journalist, Smart Living

Patricia is a national lifestyle reporter for Global News online, based in Toronto.

She gets to delve deep into subjects she’s passionate about, like: sex and relationships, pregnancy, parenting, women’s health and wellness, travel, trends and consumer issues.

Whether it’s teaching people about birthgasms (and how to have one) or helping them find the cheapest cell phone plans and best road trips, Patricia believes in quality service journalism.

One of her favourite features so far offered an exclusive look inside a Panama prison through the eyes of two Canadian women. Another took readers into a meeting of food addicts who shared incredible stories of transformation.

She’s interviewed celebrities, authors, politicians and researchers. Those who stand out most are the everyday people — the sex worker, the single mom.

Before Patricia landed this job, which she says is “made for her,” she was a web producer for Global News in Edmonton. She spent six years at the station, during which she also worked on the broadcast side.

Two of the things she loves most are travelling and eating.

Luckily, the two activities go hand in hand.

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