JUNOS expected to inject at least $11M into Calgary’s slumping economy

The Ironwood Stage & Grill was full to capacity Friday night as it hosted events for JUNOfest. Sarah Offin, Global News

CALGARY – Warm weather and great tunes are a double threat around Calgary this weekend.

Seventeenth Avenue was bustling south of downtown Calgary Friday night, with flip-flop clad patio-goers filling almost every seat.

“We got here at 3 save a spot and it was already massively packed,” Jeanid Nahas said from the patio of National Beerhall.

Almost every seat was full on patios along 17th Avenue in downtown Calgary Friday night. Sarah Offin, Global News

Music venues and pubs, like Ironwood Stage & Grill were also filled to capacity, hosting one of the most iconic events on the Canadian music calendar.

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Since 1970, the JUNO Awards has grown from a one-night industry event held in Toronto, to a national week-long music celebration hosted in a different city each year.

It’s a needed boost for Calgary’s struggling economy.

“It’s an incremental spend from visitors across the country and we need that right now. Our hotel partners need that, restaurants, taxi cabs…” Marco De Iaco of Tourism Calgary said.

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