‘Devil’s Hill’ riddled with sinkholes, potholes and orange cones, say residents

Click to play video: 'Devil’s hill sinkholes' Devil’s hill sinkholes
WATCH ABOVE: Residents in Lachine are up in arms, saying their neighbourhood is riddled with dangerous sinkholes and potholes. As Global's Felicia Parrillo reports, the city has been notified, but so far, nothing has been done – Apr 1, 2016

LACHINE – David Finch has lived near Devil’s Hill for the past 20 years.

Each spring, he’s greeted by a familiar site.

“I mean, here there’s a hole, a couple of months ago there was a hole up there,” Finch told Global News, pointing up and down the street.

“You can see where all the patches are and they just go and they replace pieces but they don’t actually do the whole job properly.”

Residents said they noticed a sinkhole on Tuesday and called the city to advise them.

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“Is putting an orange cone fixing the problem?” asked resident John Simon.

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“I don’t think so. Maybe some kids will come along and pull the orange cones and a car will come along, park there and it’ll damage their car.”

Finch believes the problem goes beyond a few sinkholes.

He said it’s time to re-do the entire street.

“Come in, do a proper site survey of the hill, find out what exactly is going on underground and repair it in one shot,” he said.

Lachine city councillor Maja Vodanovic said the city repairs roads all the time, but Devil’s Hill is not on the priority list.

“Sometimes it’s bad, but it’s not that bad,” she said.

“It could still wait a few years, so we just patch the roads, just temporarily. Just one coat, we don’t do the whole thing because we know in 10, 20 years, we’re going to have to do the whole thing.”

Vodanovic said when they get a call to fix a pothole, usually it’s done that same day.

“The last three weeks, we have three teams that are intensively working on all the potholes that’s on their way,” she said.

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“The main streets are the priority and then we go to different little streets as people call us or as they find them.”

She said the repair may have been delayed because of weather issues.

Public works said the potholes should be all patched up over the next few days.

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