Family dog goes out to do its business, returns with $1,000 bag of marijuana

WATCH: Miley went out to take care of business and returned with a surprise.

When Miley the dog’s owners let her out to take care of business, no one expected it to include joining the “war against drugs.”

Last weekend, the black lab mix from Mississippi returned from a bathroom trip with a bag. Her owners believed it was just trash.

“That’s what our family pets sometimes do: they go out and bring back garbage,” said Allyson Knotts from the Jones County Sheriff’s Office. “So the owner was going to clean up the mess and he smelled the odour and thought ‘This isn’t garbage.’”

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It was a bag of marijuana worth about $1,000, which was separated into individual bags, presumably for distribution or sale.

Police are still investigating where the drugs may have come from but did not get any information out of Miley.

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“It’s kind of hard to question the dog, ‘What pile of garbage did you go to?’” said Knotts.

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However authorities are grateful for Miley’s help in taking the drugs off the streets.

“[The drug problem] is a continual fight and one that we continue to fight and we appreciate Miley’s help,” said Knotts. “We do have a K9 unit and Miley might have a future with us.”