WATCH: Undercover cop shot 9 times by own lieutenant in drug bust gone wrong

WATCH ABOVE; The Albuquerque Police Department has released video of the shooting of an undercover APD officer by his own lieutenant

The Albuquerque Police Department have released video from the shooting of an undercover officer by his fellow lieutenant during a drug bust gone wrong in January 2015.

The video released to KOB 4, a local NBC-affiliate, Thursday contains footage from several police body cameras that shows APD officer Jacob Grant being shot nine times by his fellow officers.

In January 2015, Grant was working an undercover drug operation outside a McDonald’s restaurant in the city’s east end when the botched arrest occurred.

The video, which has blurred some of the faces, shows Brachle running up to a vehicle and yelling at two suspects and the undercover officer who are sitting in the backseat of the vehicle to put their hands up.

After Grant fails to put his hands up, Brachle yells, “Gun!” before firing two shots at the undercover officer.

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He then repositions himself and fires several more shots before realizing that he shot Grant.

“Oh s—, that was Jacob! F— me!” Brachle yells.

Brachle moves toward the car and asks Grant “Are you okay?”

“No,” Grant responds.

“Come on out dude. Come on. I’m sorry man, I didn’t know it was you!” a distraught Brachle says.

APD Chief Gorden Eden issued an emotional statement Wednesday during a press conference following the settlement.

“The community and Department are deeply affected by this tragedy. As hard as it is to watch and review this video, it is imperative we learn from it,” Eden said through tears. “We immediately upgraded undercover officers’ training and equipment following this operation and improved supervision, communication and our procedures.”

The City of Albuquerque settled a federal lawsuit with Grant that will see the city pay him $6.5 million and cover his medical expenses for the rest of his life.

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