98% of Alberta school boards have submitted LGBTQ plan

Click to play video: 'RAW: Alberta Minister of Education David Eggen on LGBTQ policies'
RAW: Alberta Minister of Education David Eggen on LGBTQ policies
WATCH RAW ABOVE: David Eggen, Alberta Minister of Education speaks to media announcing 55 of 61 Alberta school authorities have submitted LGBTQ policies so far – Mar 31, 2016

Alberta Education Minister David Eggen confirmed Thursday that of the 61 school authorities in the province, 60 have submitted their LGBTQ policies so far.

The government requested a plan be submitted by all boards by March 31  that address 12 areas for transgender students including dress, washrooms, sports teams and areas where inclusion has been occasionally lacking in the past.

Eggen confirmed Thursday that he expects he will receive a proposal from every school district in Alberta. As of 5:20 p.m. Eggen’s office had confirmed that Lethbridge public school No. 51 is the only school division that has yet to submit a plan.

The latest numbers confirm 81 of 100 private schools have presented their proposals. That is up from the 68 this afternoon.

And all 13 charter schools in the province have met the deadline to submit their plan.

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Eggen was unable to define the consequences for non-compliance.

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In a press conference Thursday, Eggen explained why the government is looking to implement clear and consistent rules across the province.

“It has been inspiring to see so much support for LGBTQ students and staff. We know that when kids are being bullied or are experiencing stress, their mental health suffers and they don’t do as well in school. We know that much work remains in the months ahead to review these policies, and we will continue to support our school authorities every step of the way.”

The formal review of all submitted policies will begin in April.

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