Calgary woman who faked having cancer sentenced to 60 days in jail

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Calgary woman who faked cancer will see jail time
WATCH ABOVE: A Calgary woman who faked having cancer so she could fundraise and benefit financially will face jail time. Nancy Hixt reports – Mar 30, 2016

A Calgary mother who lied and told her friends and co-workers she had terminal cancer was sentenced to 60 days behind bars on Wednesday.

Lana Rovang was arrested in January of 2014 and confessed that she was faking being sick. The single mother of two children told police she lied about her health to cover up her heroin addiction.

Rovang’s friends and co-workers rallied around her and raised thousands of dollars to help support her.

Jennifer St-Germain was one of Rovang’s bosses at a city daycare. She shaved her head to show her support for Rovang.

“Twelve employees – we all shaved our heads to raise that money,” St-Germain said.

About $15,000 was raised through two separate fundraisers organized by the daycare.

“They were well aware of her illness and of course they had empathy for her illness and to find out later… learning this woman lied about being sick,” St-Germain said, trailing off.

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At one point Rovang forged a doctor’s note. She also mutilated herself to fake surgical scars and shaved patches of her hair to mimic the side effects of cancer treatments.

Rovang’s sentence is to be served on weekends and once it’s complete, she will be on probation for three years.

She is ordered to pay $15,000 restitution to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. She has until 2019 to come up with the money.

She did not comment as she left the courtroom on Wednesday.

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