NDP leader Tom Mulcair calls Donald Trump a fascist

NDP leader Tom Mulcair calls Donald Trump a fascist in this video released by the NDP.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair called Republican nomination candidate Donald Trump a fascist at a closed-door NDP staff meeting last Tuesday in Ottawa.

“Donald Trump is a fascist. Let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s not beat around the bush,” he said in a video sent to Global News and other media organizations by the party.

“When you say that you want to keep people out of a certain religion, if you want to build walls to keep people out, this is an appeal to the lowest feelings in human nature.”

Mulcair also criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to Trump so far. Though Trudeau hasn’t completely refrained from criticism: he called Trump’s rhetoric on Muslims ignorant and irresponsible. Trump has called for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and suggested keeping a registry for Muslims in the country.

And although Trudeau was asked repeatedly about the Republican front-runner during his recent visit to the United States, he mostly stayed away from directly commenting on the election, at one point saying that he had faith in the better angels of Americans’ nature. In an interview with CBC, he said that he has respect for the American electoral process.

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This isn’t enough for Mulcair, apparently.

“I will not hesitate to point out the fact that Mr. Trudeau shrugs his shoulders when he’s asked about Donald Trump and says, the relationship between Canada and the United States goes beyond any two individuals.”

“I’m sorry, if a fascist becomes president of the United States, I want to be on record as having opposed it long before that election.”

Mulcair could be facing a contest for the NDP leadership soon. NDP members will decide whether he will stay on as leader at their convention from April 8-10 in Edmonton.