Nebraska cops use Taser to help rescue cat stuck in tree

Nebraska cops use Taser to help rescue cat stuck in tree
WATCH: The officers used a bulletproof shield and a Taser to coax the kitty down from a tree.

The creative use of a potentially deadly police tool brought a cat to safety in La Vista, Neb.

In mid-May, officers from the La Vista Police Department noticed a cat stuck around six metres up in a tree.

Officer T.J. Markowsky used a bullet proof shield as a platform for the furry feline to jump down on. But fellow cop Harold Rappold came in with the assist, using the red laser on his Taser to coax the cat down.

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Once the cat was safely in their patrol car, Markowsky tweeted, “Cat is in custody. Humane Society on the way. Charges pending for scratching me.”

He also joked that Rappold would have to fill out paperwork in accordance to the department’s policy of using a Taser, but Capt. D.J. Barcal confirmed that it was nothing more than a tongue-in-cheek comment.

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According to media reports, the cat was quickly adopted at the local humane society.