Couple charged in connection with horrific child abuse case remain in custody

A bail hearing was held Tuesday, for two parents accused in connection with a horrific case of child abuse.

The parents, who cannot be named in order to protect their children’s identity, have been in custody since mid-June. They were hoping to be released on bail, until their trial.

The couple is facing aggravated assault and a number of other child abuse related charges, after their two year old twin girls were hospitalized.

On May 25th, paramedics were called when one of the girls suffered a heart attack. She was also suffering from a head injury. The girls weighed only 13 and 16 pounds each, about half the weight of a normal two year old child.

Details on what was said in court cannot be released however, the couple was led into the prisoners box, both handcuffed and shackled.

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There were about 35 people from the Algerian community in court, supporting the accused.

After the two hour bail hearing, the judge decided she will not be making a decision on bail until she has more time to review the case. The judge has reserved a decision on bail until July 6th.


With files from Fletcher Kent.