SGI Canada warns of ‘mystery shopper’ scam

SGI Canada is warning consumers about a recent scam where people are sent fraudulent cheques that appear to be from the company. File / Global News

REGINA – A recent scam involving fradulent cheques has led SGI Canada to issue a warning to the public.

SGI Canada, which offers insurance products in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia, said the “mystery shopper” scam involves individuals receiving a letter and a cheque from a third party claiming to be contracted by the company.

The letter has instructions to deposit the cheque into a bank account and to verify deposit and personal information with the scammer.

The individual may also be told to keep a small amount as a reimbursement then wire the rest of the money back to the scammer.

The cheque will then bounce, which means the targeted person is responsible for paying the money back to the bank, the wire transfer charges and any other bank fees.

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The company said anyone who receives a letter about “mystery shopper” program is asked to contact local police.

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