Topless Ghomeshi protester sent by group famous for half-naked media stunts

WATCH: A topless protester with womens'-rights group FEMEN interrupts the Jian Ghomeshi prosecutor.

The Canadian branch of an international group known for their eyeball-grabbing tactic of topless female protesting says the half-naked demonstrator who interrupted a press scrum with the prosecutor in the Jian Ghomeshi trial was one of theirs.

As Michael Callaghan read a statement on the courthouse steps saying the Crown will review the not-guilty verdict, the woman broke through the throng of media and jumped in front of him.

She yelled “Ghomeshi guilty!” before police tackled her to the ground and led her away in handcuffs. Disrupted mid-sentence, Callaghan then walked away.


Painted on her back were the words “Women declare Ghomeshi guilty.”

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The woman was later released without charge, police said.


FEMEN Canada said on Facebook they sent the demonstrator to deliver “the women’s verdict: Ghomeshi, guilty!”

They decried the legal proceedings as misogynist, stating “This was the trial of women’s attitudes and experiences of sexual assault, not the trial of the crime and the aggressor!”

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Aside from the topless woman, dozens of protesters gathered outside the courthouse, chanting “We believe survivors!” They denounced the Ghomeshi verdict and what they called the unfair treatment of female sexual assault complainants.

Ghomeshi was acquitted of charges of sexual assault and choking, ending the two-week trial on allegations that spurred a national debate on sexual assault.

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Paris-based FEMEN is well known for deploying around the globe naked female activists with slogans written on them calling attention to women’s-rights and sexual issues.

WATCH: As the Jian Ghomeshi verdict was read, a crowd of demonstrators and women’s groups gathered outside court to express their disappointment. As Caryn Lieberman reports, they say the judge sent the wrong message.
Ghomeshi verdict leads to outrage
Ghomeshi verdict leads to outrage
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