WATCH: Viral photo of ‘Grumpy mom’ captures wife’s anger during solo ride on Splash Mountain

Click to play video: '‘Grumpy mom’: Viral photo captures wife’s anger during solo ride on Splash Mountain' ‘Grumpy mom’: Viral photo captures wife’s anger during solo ride on Splash Mountain
WATCH ABOVE: Viral photo of 'Grumpy mom' captures wife's anger during solo ride on Splash Mountain. Sarahbeth Ackerman reports – Mar 15, 2016

Photos of family vacations to the ‘happiest place on earth’ usually capture smiles and fun, but a photo of a woman nicknamed ‘Angry Splash Mountain lady’, showing her riding the famous Disney World attraction all alone, is going viral.

Jordan Alexander has become the latest focus of Internet memes, after a perfectly timed photo of her glaring into the Splash Mountain camera was shared by her husband.

“It was a long day,” described Alexander, who recently visited the Florida park with her husband, Steven, and their son.

“I had bronchitis, I had a crying baby, and my husband informed me he does not have it in him to ride my favourite ride,” Alexander told Syracuse, New York’s WTVH.

Tired and aching, Alexander rode the famous log flume alone, plotting ways to get back at her spouse.

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“I was not happy. I thought it would kind of be funny if my husband had a memento of how mad he made me,” she joked to Inside Edition.

“I kind of practiced it the whole way,” said Alexander. “By the time we got to the last drop, I didn’t know where the camera was, so I just guessed and looked over and took the picture.”

The timing couldn’t not have been better, as Alexander’s moment of anger was caught in perfect contrast to the rest of her cheering log-mates.

“When she first showed me the photo, I just lost it. How could you not?” laughed Steven, who can now joke about the moment. “I was like, ‘did you coordinate this with them?’ because it was so perfect.”

So perfect, he decided to share it on his Twitter account, with the caption “I didn’t want to go on Splash Mountain with my wife. Angry hilarity ensued.”

In the week and a half since the photo was posted, Alexander has become something of an Internet celebrity, with hundreds of memes being shared on social media.

“I guess I’m the new ‘Grumpy Cat,’ said Alexander. ‘Grumpy Mom!”

The photo has been manipulated to depict her skydiving, riding Splash Mountain with the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, spooning with actor John Travolta, and has even had her face imposed on The Mona Lisa.

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“I think it’s great that people are taking it and having fun with it,” she says. “I think some of the photoshops are absolutely hilarious.”

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