Trailer Park Boys cash in big with N.S. Film and Television Incentive Fund

Nova Scotia stars the Trailer Park Boys have received a big chunk of change from the Nova Scotia Film and Television Incentive Fund for their series Trailer Park Boys Out of the Park: Europe.

In a release from Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), the organization says its committed more than $810,000 to the production.

The money will go toward covering costs of labour, as well as purchases made from Nova Scotia suppliers.

The money will be put on reserve until the production is complete, then TPB will file a final claim with NSBI to receive their money.

Largest sum granted so far

The $810,368 promised to TPB is the largest sum of money that’s been awarded to a Nova Scotia production since the incentive fund was put in place, replacing the Film Tax Credit.

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Other productions to benefit from the fund include The Child Remains by Malefic Filns inc., nineteenseventysomething by Weirdos The FilmInc. and Love Food Season 3 by Love Food3 Productions Inc.

No other production, however, has received more than $320,403 – the amount given to nineteenseventysomething.