Vancouver realtor defends marketing properties at Chinese showcases

Click to play video: 'Realtor’s sales pitch fails to impress East Vancouver homeowners' Realtor’s sales pitch fails to impress East Vancouver homeowners
WATCH: Some homeowners in East Vancouver are feeling a little unsettled after receiving an interesting advertisement from a local realtor. Rumina Daya explains what it is, and how the realtor is defending his pitch – Feb 26, 2016

A Vancouver realtor who made headlines last year for a controversial marketing practice is using the same tactic again – and making no apologies for it.

“I don’t think I’m creating a problem at all. I think I’m creating solutions,” said Mark Wiens.

He’s delivering flyers in east Vancouver telling homeowners that he’ll be making a trip to the LPS Beijing Property Show in April – the leading luxury real estate convention in China.

“If we can serve you by listing your property both at home and abroad, including at the Beijing LPS…let us know. Talk to you soon,” it reads.

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Wiens gained notoriety last year when he used the same tactic in advance of the Luxury Property Showcase in Shanghai. But he says China is a captive market for Vancouver properties, and that it’s his responsibility to get the best price for his clients.

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“You’re looking at about 35 per cent [at the conference] who have said they are strongly interested in buying in Vancouver…Vancouver [punches] way above its weight in terms of interest to Chinese buyers versus the size of the city,” he said.

“Some people say ‘Hey Mark, what you’re doing is increasing the price of properties, therefore it’s unaffordable for some people.'”

“Sure, as a real estate professional, my job is to get the best possible price for the client, that means as a comparable it’ll mean someone else’s house is worth more too. That’s my fiduciary, ethical duty, and I’m very happy to do it.”

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