WATCH: Woman gets 4 squirmy kids ready for bed

Click to play video: 'Supermom changes 4 kids for bedtime routine' Supermom changes 4 kids for bedtime routine
WATCH: Corrie Lynn Whyte, from Cambridge, Ont. is inspiring parents all over the world, with an impressive bedtime routine for her four kids – Feb 9, 2016

If you thought changing one squirming child into pyjamas was a struggle – think again. A woman from Cambridge, Ont. is inspiring parents all over the world with an impressive bedtime baby wrangle routine.

The video displays the “supermom” changing baby triplets and a toddler.

Corrie Lynn Whyte and her husband Dan Gibson have four kids: two-year-old Emily and eight-month-old triplets Jackson, Olivia and Levi. On Feb. 4, the couple posted a time-lapse video to their blog’s Facebook page showing Whyte getting the kids ready for bed.

Throughout the video, the kids are smiling, laughing and jumping on the bed. Whyte maintains a pleasant smile as well, demonstrating her multitasking skills as she moves from child to child.

Since it was posted, the video has gone viral, with many parents responding in the comments about how much of a handful their children can be.

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“We’ve had over one million shares and 55 million views,” Gibson told Global News Tuesday. “We’re in huge shock over the attention and are humbled by the experience.”

Gibson said he started the blog The Baby Gang years ago, posting fun videos of his family. But he never expected the videos to go viral.

“We don’t want it to seem like we’re super parents, we know how hard it is raising any amount of kids,” he said. “Every mom is a supermom too.”

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