Here’s why ‘Deadpool’ isn’t a superhero movie to take your kids to

Click to play video 'Reynolds, Skrein and Miller on why ‘Deadpool’ is definitely not a superhero movie for kids' Reynolds, Skrein and Miller on why ‘Deadpool’ is definitely not a superhero movie for kids
WATCH: Ryan Reynolds explains why 'Deadpool' is not a superhero movie for kids – Feb 3, 2016

Another Marvel superhero gets the big screen treatment in Deadpool, but this one is definitely not for the kids.

Ryan Reynolds stars as the crass and foulmouthed antihero in the new action-comedy, which doesn’t shy away from violence, gore, obscenity and debauchery.

“I think kids can go, you know. I think it’s more for infants that don’t speak or understand words yet,” jokes T.J. Miller, who plays Deadpool‘s wisecracking and equally lewd friend, Weasel.

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“I think it’s going to shape their tiny minds into wholesome, religious warriors,” adds Reynolds with a smile.

The movie follows former Special Forces operative-turned-mercenary Wade Wilson, who, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, is given the chance to take part in a rogue experiment that could heal him.

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After being tortured by the sadistic Ajax (Ed Skrein) who is trying to stimulate dormant mutant genes, Wilson gains the power of accelerated healing but is left horribly disfigured.

Deadpool vows to get revenge, embarking on a killing spree which will lead him back to his enemy.

As in the comic books, the superhero regularly breaks the fourth wall — talking to the camera, making in-jokes and referencing the filmmaking process.

“I mean I think that’s the appeal of Deadpool for a lot of long-time Deadpool fans is that he breaks every possible rule in the comic books and we get the opportunity to break every possible rule in the movie as well,” says Reynolds.

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There’s also plenty of humour. Throughout the movie, Deadpool blasts out a endless stream of quips, insults and one-liners, some of which were ad-libs by Reynolds on the day.

“As soon as I would turn my back to walk off… it would be so difficult not to laugh out loud and you’d come off, relax and he’d still be going on and you’re trying not to laugh and then they say cut and everyone’s laughing their heads off, so it was quite difficult,” says Skrein.

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“T.J. was diffficult to not laugh to his face. He’s just got a face which I would just giggle at staring at. It was certainly the funniest film set I’ve ever worked on, the most comedic, and Ryan and T.J. are just something else. I really hope they do more work together the two of them.”

For Miller, who plays an abrasive entrepreneur in the TV show Silicon Valley, it’s hard to keep his characters from intruding in his real life.

“Recently I was filming something and somebody was like, ‘Come take a picture with me,’ and I just screamed at him and told him to get his life together and ‘stop trying to record it and live it you f**king idiot,’ and all that stuff and he was like, ‘I love it, he’s like the characters,'” laughs the actor.

‘Deadpool’ is released in Canada on Feb. 12, 2016.

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