City looks for suggestions on how to better promote Edmonton’s TV and film productions

Edmonton city councillors talk to members of the local TV and film industry about what kind of job description a new film commissioner should have. Wes Rosa/ Global News

EDMONTON- The job’s been vacant for about a year but city council is now looking to hire a new film commissioner.

But before the position is filled, councillors need to agree on what the position should look like.

“It’s a very diverse industry and I’m guessing unanimity is sometimes a challenge,” Coun. Ben Henderson said at Tuesday’s executive committee meeting. “But I also know if this is going to work, we’re going to have to have unanimity. We’re going to have to know that the vast, 99 per cent of the industry is on board.”

It had been the film commissioner’s responsibility to promote locally produced films but the city is now considering broadening the portfolio to include the promotion of all creative projects taking place in Edmonton.

“There’s tons of talent here, people doing really neat stuff,” Coun. Scott McKeen said. “We have a really good environment here so it’s going to push all of us to come up with a good solution.”

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After speaking to several members of the local film industry, the city decided it will consult with key stakeholders like the TV and film industry, the Edmonton Arts Council and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation to gather more input about the role of the commissioner’s office.

Corinne Ferguson, the CEO of Legacy Bay Entertainment, said she is glad the city has decided to move forward the way it has.

“This decision is important to me because it retains more independence around the final decision and outcome,” said Ferguson.

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