Winnipeg group releases racism report

13 Fires Winnipeg's report on racial inclusion began Saturday with a discussion about poverty. Colton Goforth/Global News

WINNIPEG — A grassroots group of Winnipeg community leaders and activists is releasing a report on racism.

13 Fires Winnipeg will begin a 13-part series of discussions on issues that affect racism on Saturday afternoon starting with poverty.

“We are still working on racism in this city, it’s by no means over and by no means is everyone tolerant or understanding of people’s experiences,” said organizer Anny Chen.

The other 12 topics will be discussed at one month intervals. They include children, justice, health, education, media and missing and murdered indigenous people.

The goal of the 13 Fires report is to foster open conversations from diverse viewpoints about racism and inclusion in the city.

People who are directly experiencing issues related to racism and those on the front lines trying to help will be among the speakers at upcoming events.

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“Let them share their own voices and their own experiences in a totally honest way, in a totally, uncensored, unfiltered way,” said another organizer Andrew Vineberg.

The report is being released one day after Mayor Brian Bowman held a news conference on the one-year anniversary of a Maclean’s magazine article that labelled Winnipeg as the most racist city in Canada.

13 Fires Winnipeg was formed after a local summit about racial inclusion that took place in September, 2015.

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