Coping with “Blue Monday” in Kelowna

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Coping with “Blue Monday” in Kelowna
Coping with “Blue Monday” in Kelowna – Jan 18, 2016

KELOWNA – The third Monday of January is coined “Blue Monday” because it is apparently the saddest day of the year. Back in 2005, a British travel agency commissioned a psychologist to determine when people are most gloomy and would be most inclined to book a trip.

The psychologist looked at factors including the weather, debt levels and failed new year resolutions.

Despite the fact Blue Monday has not been scientifically confirmed, many people say they feel down during this time of year.

Candace Giesbrecht, with the local Canadian Mental Health Association branch, says beating the blues comes in three easy steps.

“So we talk about the three A’s. The first thing is to do an assessment: how am I doing and also, how are the people around me doing? The second step is to be aware. In that assessment, what can I be aware of and what’s one thing that might positively impact how I’m feeling. The third step is to take action. Take some action for yourself but also for the people around you.”

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Giesbrecht says if you feel sad for more than three weeks to seek professional help — no matter what day of the year it is.

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