January 15, 2016 5:54 pm
Updated: January 15, 2016 6:25 pm

WATCH: Deep Cove man captures video of cougar in his backyard

WATCH: Video of a large cougar was captured on Deep Cove resident Oliver Vincent's security camera in North Vancouver.


A video showing a cougar lurking through a backyard in Deep Cove is getting traction online.

Deep Cove resident Olivier Vincent says the cougar was caught walking through his property in the Sunshine Falls area across from Twin Islands at around 9 p.m. on Dec. 31.

The 38-second home surveillance video shows the big cat casually strolling toward the camera in the darkness, before getting spooked and turning away in the opposite direction.

Vincent took a picture of himself in the same spot and superimposed it over the picture of the cougar to show the size of the animal.

“It was not as huge as it seems in the video because it walked so close to the camera, but it is not a juvenile,” he says.


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Vincent says he feels a mix of awe and fear after spotting the cougar. “It is very exciting to have such a beautiful animal walk in your neighbourhood, but at the same time we know about the dangers,” he says.

He has never seen a cougar lurk near his home before, despite seeing lots of otters, deer, racoons and even an occasional bear in the area.

Vincent says he did not report the cougar sighting to the Conservation Office after discussing the situation with his neighbours.

He says it seemed the animal was hunting deer at the time and looked scared of humans.

Vincent says he is not concerned about his safety, but he is definitely more alert than before.

“I would not hide the fact that I have a bit of a chill on the nape of my neck when I come home late and I am on my own,” he says. “But I am not scared, because I think the animal is gone.”

It is not uncommon to see cougars in Deep Cove.

Last summer, a couple of cougars were spotted in the area, and a juvenile cougar was shot dead by conservation officers after trying to get inside a home.

Global BC has calls in to the Conservation Office. More to come. 

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