January 15, 2016 4:40 pm
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WATCH: Joint SFU/RCMP video gives tips on what to do in active shooter situation

WATCH: Simon Fraser University has released a video to educate students and staff about what to do in case there's a shooting on campus. As Jill Bennett reports, it's part of a sad, new reality.


BURNABY – What do you do if there is an ongoing campus shooting?

That’s exactly what Simon Fraser University wants its students and staff to know.

Jointly with Burnaby RCMP, the university released an instructional video that demonstrates the exact actions that need to be taken to maximize one’s chance of survival during a shooting.

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The video, posted on Jan. 11, features a fictional instructor and students in both the classroom and gym setting after hearing gun shots and screams.

In the video, Julie Glrazier, director of campus safety and security services at SFU, says the key words they want students and staff to remember in an active threat situation are: run, hide and take action.

Glazier says if a person or a situation seems suspicious to you, police need to know about it.

“Listen to your instincts and contact police or campus security immediately,” she says.


If you hear or see an armed intruder, the best course of action is to run if it is safe to do so and tell others to leave.

“Put as much distance as you can between yourself and the active threat,” says Glazier, reminding to call 9-1-1 or campus security. “Don’t assume that somebody else has called for help,” she adds.

If running away is not an option, the university and RCMP say hiding and sheltering in place is the next best choice.

If you are inside a classroom or office, stay there and block the entry.

“If possible, barricade the doors and turn off the lights. Keep quiet and put your phone on silent. Make it appear as if the room is empty,” says Glazier.

Finally, if you can neither run nor hide, try to delay, block or overcome the threat.

Working with people around you, doing what you need to stay alive, including using force to protect yourself, and looking for objects that could be used as tools in self-defense are all listed as viable options.

“Don’t open the door or come out of hiding,” says Glazier. “Emergency responders will have keys and will identify themselves to you. When responders arrive, listen to their instructions and identify yourself. Keep your hands visible and don’t run toward police unless they tell you to.”

She adds until police can determine who you are, they need to treat everyone as a potential threat.

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