Vancouver project hopes to install hooks in back alleys to help local binners

A Vancouver group is hoping to encourage more residents to leave their bottles and cans for so-called “binners.”

The Binners Project is installing hooks in back alleys, where people can hang up bags containing recyclables.

It’s hoped the hooks will help people who collect beverage containers for a living sort their bottles without making a mess.

The public can buy the hooks through The Binners Project for $10 or by donation, and the members of the project will set up the installation.

Organizers say by adding a hook outside their property, residents can meaningfully engage with local binners, acknowledging the contribution that binners make to communities, supporting their economic stability and adding dignity to their work.

An event was held Thursday night to explain the new idea.

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“We thought there was a need for some sort of better way to help the binners,” said Anna Godefroy with The Binners Project. “So we are making it easier and more accessible.”

Godefroy said the hooks will also stop the binners from going through the dumpster, improving their safety.

She added there’s already been interest in the idea from Victoria and Montreal.

For more details on the project and pilot program registration form, go here.