MLA Margaret Miller to take over storied environment minister post

Envoronment minister Margaret Miller is pictured here with Premier Stephen McNeil and Lt.-Gov J.J Grant. Nova Scotia Legislature

A new Minister of Environment has been appointed in the Nova Scotia Legislature.

In a release on Tuesday, Premier Stephen McNeil welcomed Hants East MLA Margaret Miller to the executive council.

“She is extremely capable and I look forward to having her as part of the leadership team as we continue to focus on the things that matter to Nova Scotians, like health care and education, while creating the conditions for businesses to thrive and grow the economy,” McNeil wrote.

Miller has served as deputy Speaker of the House since being elected as a member of the legislature in 2013. A new deputy Speaker will be appointed soon.

Miller’s father was a Dutch immigrant. She and her husband, Robert, because the owners of a dairy farm in Sheubenacadie in 1974. They sold the farm in 1999 but stayed in the community.

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One of their four children, Springhill Police officer Bruce Miller, was killed by an impaired driver in 2004. After that, Miller became a victim advocate, lobbyist and eventually the National President of MADD Canada.

Bringing stability to controversial position

Randy Delorey has been serving as environment minister on an interim basis, after Andrew Younger was removed from the portfolio.

Younger took over the portfolio in June of 2015, after having resigned from his post as energy minister and taking a leave of absence in March.

His dismissal from the caucus was shrouded in controversy after secret recordings between he and the premier’s chief of staff, Kirby McVicar surfaced that suggested the premier’s office was willing to go to great lengths to keep Younger in the House.

McVicar eventually resigned as chief of staff, and Younger now sits in the house as an independent MLA with no portfolio.

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