Orangutan building its own hammock caught on camera

Have plans to monkey around to end the year? You’re not the only one.

An orangutan at a zoo in Thailand was caught on camera building a hammock on its own before Christmas Day. Footage of the act has been viewed millions of times in just over a week.

The Bangkok Post reports that ‘Nemo’ currently resides at the Nakhonratchasima Zoo.

Video of the clever orangutan – turned lounging enthusiast – showed Nemo tie a sheet or towel to cell bars to create the hammock. He actually created two hammocks because the first one appeared to lack enough headroom.

Orangutan is a Malay term that translates to “person of the forest”, according to National Geographic, and their genetic makeup is approximately 96 per cent identical to humans. The primates are found only in Sumatra – where they are critically endangered – and Borneo. The World Wildlife Fund estimates there are 45,000-69,000 orangutans left in the world.


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