A fairytale ending after a landscaping nightmare

POINTE-CLAIRE – Donna Riley has a lot to smile about after Steven Miller Landscaping allegedly skipped out on her contract without fixing her lawn.

After watching the story, one Global News viewer told Marc Legault, from Les Entreprises Marc Legault, about Donna’s ordeal and he decided to lend a helping hand.

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Legault will re-level Riley’s lawn, both in the front and the back of her home.

His company will also provide the soil for the lawn and re-sod the whole property – all free of charge.

“I’m in a good position to help her out,” said Legault.

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Legault also called in some friends for a few other favours.

“My buddy Dave [Ciampini] said he would help by doing the pave-uni work,” he said.

“I called in my buddy Marc Guindon from Bo-Pelouse and he said he’d throw in free lawn care and snow removal for a year.”

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Ciampini, from Groupe Pavex Inc., will be re-doing Riley’s walkway and back patio, also for free.

“You know, Marc [Legault] called me, told me the situation and for me, it’s a no-brainer,” said Ciampini.

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Global News has attempted to reach Steven Miller on several occasions; he has not responded.

When Global News told Riley complete strangers wanted to help her out, she couldn’t believe it.

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“It was like angels came from heaven to give us some help,” she said.

As for Steven Miller Landscaping, Riley said she’s ready to move on.

“We’re looking forward to a brand new place and we’ll forget about Steven Miller,” she said.

Legault said they’ll begin the work early next Spring; he expects it to be done by mid-May.

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