Cancer survivor supports others battling the disease with massive Christmas light display

WINNIPEG — After Michael Geiger-Wolf  was diagnosed with cancer and was given a 75 percent chance of dying in 2003, he changed the way he lived.

The stage four non-hodgkins lymphoma made him cherish each moment and seize the day.

“You realize how bad it must have been for the doctors to recommend lowering your odds of survival below 25 percent,” Geiger-Wolf said.

His passion for Christmas lights became something he wanted to put more time into, so he started a massive display with hundreds of lights and holiday music.

The lights grew every year until he was diagnosed with non-hodgkins for a second time in 2010. That’s when Geiger-Wolf turned the light display into a fundraiser at 18 Mildred Street.

“Doctors are always learning and they now believe that for my type of cancer it isn’t really a question of if it comes back, so much as when,” Geiger-Wolf said. “Until then, I’ll keep trying to raise money for all forms of research to help those living with cancer.”

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Geiger-Wolf is now a two time cancer survivor illuminating his 100,000 light display with music programming to raise money for other Manitoba families fighting cancer through the Canadian Cancer Society.

In five years, the display raised more than $35,000 and Geiger-Wolf is hoping 2015 will be his best year.


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