#OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel as Santa’s not-so-little helper

Global Calgary Meteorologist Jordan Witzel is heading out in the community to experience some of the many careers that make up our dynamic city.

Through the #OurYYC Apprentice series, Witzel will try his hand at different jobs for one day – to see just how challenging they can be.

For this month’s #OurYYC Apprentice, I got in the Christmas spirit and attempted to master the role of Santa’s (not-so-little) helper at Southcentre Mall.

Colleagues around the Global Calgary newsroom were hoping to see me in a classic elf suit as I tried my hand at taking on a guest service role, but I discovered that most malls in Calgary are getting away from the traditional elf image.

WATCH: Jordan is sure he’s been good this year and tells Santa what he really wants for Christmas

The Santa experience at Southcentre is just that – a complete experience. I learned it does take a happy demeanor and smiling face to shuffle those busy holiday shoppers along to visit with Santa. From cookie-making to movie-watching and a new way to avoid the long Santa lineup, Southcentre Mall has perfected the special part of the season where we attempt to convince Santa we’ve been good all year long.

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At a youthful 23-years-old, Milo Whitehead has been a big part of perfecting the experience at Southcentre Mall by invigorating Santa’s Village with technology in order to shorten the wait. He’s enthusiastic about helping guests enjoy their mall experience year round. It may seem like a trivial pursuit – and is likely something that goes unnoticed by most – but Milo’s smiling face and warm attitude at work were something to learn from as I accepted the challenge of being an elf.

This is how Jordan thought he’d be dressed while working as Santa’s helper. Global News / Dani Lantela


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