Christmas cooking with Global Calgary: Scott’s Kit Kat Christmas trees

Scott Fee, Amber Schinkel, Jordan Witzel, Leslie Horton and Dallas Flexhaug are revealing the their favourite holiday recipes on the Morning News.

Watch the show between Dec. 14 and 18 for a new recipe each day.

Scott Fee: Kit Kat Christmas trees


Several Kit Kat bars
Mini bake size M&Ms
Decorative sprinkles
A few Imperial Stormtroopers
(Feel free to replace all Star Wars figures with Santa and his Reindeer)


Cut your Kit Kat bars into triangles. (Save the scraps you’ll need them later) Put your icing into a zip lock and cut a corner off.

With a zig zag motion freely layer the icing over the triangle shape Kit Kat.

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Place M&Ms in various spots on the triangle Take small shavings of the left over Kit Kat bars and cut them into squares. Put icing on one end of the square and use it as the base of your triangle to complete the tree.

Kit Kat Christmas trees. Global News / Scott Fee

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