Trudeau’s welcoming of refugees making international headlines

WASHINGTON – U.S. commentators reporting on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal welcome of Syrian refugees are drawing comparisons with the angry anti-refugee politics in their own country.

The story of Trudeau greeting refugees at the airport in Toronto Thursday night was the top story for awhile yesterday on the New York Times website.

A video and similar items appeared on Newsweek, the BBC, NBC, Paris Match, and the UK Guardian, Independent and Daily Mail.

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A Washington Post piece suggested public attitudes in Canada and the U-S aren’t actually all that different on refugees, citing polls that show most people in both countries support resettling Syrians.

But several outlets pointed out that one big difference is the political tone, with the U-S election debate dominated by Donald Trump’s call to bar all Muslim visitors.

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The headline on the G-Q website was, “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Just Gave U-S Politicians a Refreshing Lesson in Compassion.”

Many on Twitter were also commenting on the Prime Minister’s actions.