Jill’s House: Managing a family’s star wars obsession when you’re “less than obsessed” yourself

Still of Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Handout/LucasFilm

So ladies, or maybe even some gents out there – has your spouse become preoccupied with the opening of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens?!

Mine has. Months ago! Months! Truthfully, it’s probably been even longer I just hadn’t actually listened to him talk about it (Sorry honey!).

When I was a kid I watched movies and television shows, but nothing really stuck with me to the point that I became fanatical about it.

I watched Ghostbusters and the giant marshmallow man gave me nightmares. I watched Back to the Future. And my girlfriend and I even loved watching old Abbott and Costello movies because we thought they were hysterical.

And yes, of course I watched Star Wars. I mean how could you live through the 80’s without seeing them? But, I never remembered the full story lines, which characters were which or what the soldier-like guys in the white suits were called. And what the heck is “the force?”

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However, here I am, 40 years old, having to catch up on all the Star Wars movies and all their details because two months ago my Star Wars obsessed husband went online and bought tickets to the newest movie – The Force Awakens with the expectation that I, in fact, would be joining him at the theatre on December 19.

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He wants me there, perhaps just to have someone to share his excitement with, but he has clearly instructed me that there will be rules for sitting in the theatre that day.

“Don’t ask me any questions!”

And that is why I am catching up on the movies now and having him fill in any blanks there might be because he has been waiting so long for this that I do not want to be “the one” or “the force” that ruins this much anticipated experience for him.

Thankfully, these movies are easy to follow and don’t require me to ask him to pause the movie every eight minutes so I can clarify something – unlike Lord of the Rings or that silly Star Trek movie that bounced around so much I had no idea what was happening.  Plus, those flicks are just not my style.  But I try to support what he loves, as he does for me with curling.

So really all I can do now is watch the movies and hope that “the force” is with me and with all the spouses out there when we enter the theatre for this much anticipated sequel.


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