Montreal police investigate after two cafés hit by molotov cocktails

WATCH ABOVE: Raw footage as police look for suspects after two molotov cocktails are thrown at different businesses.

MONTREAL – Police are looking for suspects after two molotov cocktails were thrown at different businesses in the city’s Saint-Michel borough.

Dilallo Burger and Café Empire on Jean-Talon Street East, near Papineau Street, were hit around 4:15 a.m. Thursday.

“Two incendiary devices were thrown in the front windows of the two cafés,” said André Leclerc with Montreal police.

“None of the devices made any damage.”

Police said two men wearing dark hoodies and face masks were seen fleeing the scene.

The Montreal police arson squad is investigating.

“They will be looking for information from witnesses or from cameras that may have captured some images,” said Leclerc.

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“We’re going to try to find some footage from those cameras if there is anything.”

The suspects have yet to be identified; police said it is too early to draw a link between the two incidences.