Winnipeg Police Service adds armoured vehicle to its fleet

The Winnipeg Police Service has acquired an armoured vehicle much like this one. Winnipeg Police Handout

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg police will soon have a new set of wheels in the form of an armoured vehicle.

The Gurkha MPV tactical vehicle is bullet-proof, blast-proof and weighs around four times as much as a normal car.

Police say it’s a much needed tool for officer and public safety.  “This does bring us in line with other services across the country, most services have this capability,” said WPS Superintendent Gord Perrier.

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“On a general threshold it’s about weapons, if weapons are present this is where that vehicle will come into play,” continued Perrier.

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The city put out a bid earlier this year for a police armoured vehicle. Documents on the city’s website show two companies put in bids.

In October Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc, a Canadian manufacturer, was awarded the contract.  City documents show the vehicle will be worth $342,825.

Mayor Brian Bowman said Wednesday he’s no expert on armoured police vehicles, but that they “Wouldn’t be unique to Winnipeg.” The mayor didn’t question the necessity of the purchase, saying he was, “Respecting the role of the police board.”

The Winnipeg Police Board chair Scott Gillingham said he didn’t become aware of the purchase until a meeting in November.

As a result of that meeting, new guidelines were set out for the police to report all capital expenditures over $100,000. Before that, police could spend up to $500,000 on capital purchases without needing to consult with the board.

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