Thousands flood Oilfield Dads Facebook page to support families

WATCH ABOVE: An Alberta oilfield worker was determined to lift the spirits of those going through some tough times. Bindu Suri talked to the man behind the Facebook page that is quickly becoming a social movement.

CALGARY- A unique Facebook page is shining a positive light on the situation oilfield families are going through during Alberta’s economic downturn.

Oil workers have joined the group “Oilfield Dads” to support each other by sharing their stories of struggle.

The idea came from Chad Miller, an oilfield consultant from Sylvan Lake.  He wanted other oilfield families to know they weren’t alone.

Hundreds joined, then thousands. Some members have lost their jobs, others are taking advantage of available jobs. They’re working harder than ever, while employers are still hiring.

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For many, it means working away from home, spending weeks, sometimes months away from their family.

“You don’t know when you’re going to see them,” Miller said.  “The roads we travel, the many miles we put on the highways in the dark in the weather.  Every time you see them could be your last.”

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“You look at the rearview mirror as you go down the road, knowing that what you’re doing is for them.”

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Last year, Miller had no trouble finding work, but this year he spent three months looking for a job.

He stayed true to the positive message behind his Facebook page and chose to focus on what he gained, not what he lost.

“I can turn this around. I’ve spent more time with my family than I have in a long time.  That makes me richer than any job out there.”

Miller is proud so many people support a Facebook page with a purpose.