Caught on Camera: Darth Vader tries to rob Florida convenience store

Okay, so Darth Vader didn’t actually try to rob a convenience store in Jacksonville Beach, Florida this past weekend.

But police say a man dressed as the infamous Star Wars villain was behind the attempted stick-up of an 8 Til Late store Sunday night – and it was all captured on the store’s security cameras.

Police say the man entered the store dressed in Vader’s iconic armour and helmet, produced a silver handgun and demanded money from the register.

The store clerk allegedly responded by grabbing a jar of ranch dip and hurling it at the Sith Lord’s head. Vader fled.

If only Han Solo had thought of that on Cloud City.

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” [The clerk] busted him in the nose with a jar. That was killer. That was awesome,” Richard Ehrman, a witness standing outside the store, told News 4 Jacksonville.
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Wounded by the chip-dip Darth Vader retreated to his TIE fighter silver four-door getaway car and fled the scene.

Police arrested 32-year-old Jacob Mercer a short time later at his home not far from the store. He’s been charged with armed robbery.

“It was a very serious incident, not only for the clerk that is being a victim of the armed robbery, but anyone could have walked in at that time. Or what if someone was already in the back of that store?”  Jacksonville Beach Police Cmdr. Mark Evans told News 4 Jacksonville.

“There are so many scenarios that could have played out.”